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WOW restaurant

Open all year round, “Wow” restaurant allows you to appreciate fresh, tasty and interesting Portuguese food and wine. To dine at “Wow” is to experience a culinary journey through Portuguese gastronomy presented with a modern twist. “Wow” is open to resort guests and non-residents also.

Christmas Special Group Menus

Whether you and your group of friends or company are looking for a place to spend its Christmas dinner party look no further! At Wow Restaurant, we have high standards on service, quality and presentation. Our chef uses only the finest ingredients in all of our dishes to ensure that every meal we serve is delicious and nutritious.
Our diverse Special Group Menus are specially designed to ensure you can have the greatest party meal at a reasonable price.

Wow Restaurant Menu
Selection of bread, butter and olives
3.00 €
Arepa with tomato, Sheep cottage cheese and basil leaves
5.00 €
Arepa with Shreded Pork belly and grilled pineapple
5.00 €
Arepa with anchovies, capper mayonnaise, chives and rocket
5.00 €
Arepa with shrimps, avocado, and curry mayonnaise
5.00 €
Grilled rice blackpudding served with apple chutney and chilli
4.00 €
Smoked salmon on rye toast with tomato tartar, Philadelphia cheese and chives
6.50 €
Vegetable Cream Soup
2.50 €
Cabbage Soup with beans and pork meats
3.50 €
Fish Soup
3.50 €
Linguine al nero with shrimp, sundried tomato and basil gel
13.50 €
Penne with portobello mushrooms with Azores Island cheese and crunchy black olives
9.00 €
Asparagus and citrus Risotto
9.50 €
Portuguese styled sautéed mixed vegetables
8.00 €
Tuna tataki with pistachio crust, sweet potato purée and beet salad
17.50 €
Grilled Seabass with roasted potatoes and baby vegetables
16.00 €
Codfish filet confit with red cabbage purée, baby carrots and rosemary olive oil
17.00 €
Roasted octopus with baked potatoes, bellpepper coulis and sautéed cabbage sprouts
17.50 €
Lamb shunk Stewed in moroccan spices, green apple purée and sweet potato chips
16.50 €
Grilled beef tenderloin, crunchy chorizo, sautéed potatoes and creamy spinach purée
17.00 €
chicken breast Stuffed with dates and poultry sausage, watercress salad with red currant Vinaigrette
11.00 €
Chocolate mousse with almond praline, biscuit and cherries
4.00 €
Parsley Panna Cotta with lemon curd, and crystallized mint
4.00 €
Cottage cheese with pumpkin marmalade and cinnamon biscuit
3.50 €
Chocolate fondant cake with sorbet
4.00 €

All indicated prices include VAT

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